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Corporate Recognition Program

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A new type of Recognition Award for your Employees

Is your company looking for new ways to reward your employees?
Are you hoping to create happier employees with superior performance, which will lead to better overall results company wide?

Empire can help.

Something they will not forget

Recognition awards provided by Empire would be meaningful, personally designed pieces of quality memorabilia. Each piece will be custom framed to fit your companies needs.

These awards will make your employees feel both valued and appreciated.

Learn from the Professionals

A success Recognition Award should motivate and inspire employees to emulate the behavior that is associated with the award. 
Most sports figures and entertainers attribute their success to hard work, dedication and commitment to achieving their goals.
Why not reward your employees with gifts that convey the importance of their achievements, hard work, and dedication with memorabilia from the professionals who highlight these qualities.

What to Choose

So what types of memorabilia will fit your companies needs?
You can choose from a wide selection of memorabilia from most sports and entertainment personalities.
Each piece you select will be placed in a custom frame that will include your companies name and/or logo.
The goal is to help you reward your employees while placing the emphasis on your company and it's recognition awards program.

Make it Personal

In most offices employees spend their free time discussing last night's game or maybe a favorite movie. Why not use a piece of memorabilia from their favorite athlete or entertainer to design a personal reward to recognize their commitment to your company. 
Empire can help you create a custom framed recognition award using your employee's favorite player or entertainment personality, while incorporating your company's logo. 
Your employee will see the sincerity in your choice of a personal award. It will be relevant to both them and your company's goals.

Gift Certificates

Empire also offers a rewards program involving gift certificates.
This allows you to let your employees choose what types of memorabilia they would like, while still emphasizing your companies appreciation of there achievements. 
Any custom framed memorabilia your employees choose will contain your company's logo.
Find out more about Empire's Gift Certificates.

Your Reward

Why should your employees be the only ones to earn a piece of memorabilia?
Empire also offers rewards to you, the decision maker. Not only can we help you build a fantastic incentives program for your company, but we also reward your efforts.
Ask your representative when you call about the Rewards for the Rewarders program.

Contact us today

Our corporate representatives are looking forward to working with you and your company. 
Reward your employee's achievements with memorabilia they will cherish for a lifetime. 
Contact Empire today to discuss a program and pricing that is right for your company. If you can't decide what types of memorabilia or you don't have the time, we can take care of everything for your company with a few simple questions.

Call us today at (404) 550-0308 or e-mail

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