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Looking for New Gift Ideas

Are you looking for new ways to thank your clients or maybe you want to reward your special intern for a job well done.
Empire can help you design a gift that every contact on your business list will cherish for a lifetime. Call us today at (718) 494-3414 or e-mail
Professionally designed, custom framed memorabilia can be used to fill all your gifting needs.

Thank your most valued customers

Is there anyone more important to your company's success then a valued customer? Have you taken the time to reward them for their continued support? Why not send them a quality piece of memorabilia encased in a custom designed frame. Empire can help you design the right piece for you, that will show your customers how much you value their business.


Give something special to an employee or intern

What better way to show your employee, or a summer intern, that you value their efforts than with a gift designed especially for them. 
Empire provided gifts would be seen as a meaningful & personally designed piece of quality memorabilia. 
Each piece is placed in a custom frame, which can be fitted to include your company name and/or logo. 
These gifts will be cherished as well as appreciated by each of your employees.

Do not forget you vendors

A strong relationship with your vendors and distributors can be important assets to your business in many ways. 
A special gift of memorabilia of their favorite team or movie will help cement your relationship with them and your company will reap the rewards.


Gift Certificates

Empire also offers a rewards program involving gift certificates. 
This allows you to let your recipients choose what types of memorabilia they would like, while still emphasizing your companies appreciation of there achievements. 
All custom framed memorabilia your employees choose will contain your company's logo.


Your Reward

Why should your relationships be the only ones to earn a piece of memorabilia? Empire also offers rewards to you, the decision maker. 
Not only can we help you build a fantastic gift program for your company, but we also reward your efforts.

Ask your representative about the Rewards for the Rewarders program.

Contact us today

Our corporate representatives are looking forward to working with you and your company. It's time to make a valuable investment in your company's future by giving a gift to your most important relationships. 
Contact Empire today to discuss a program and pricing that is right for your company.

Call us today at (404) 550-0308 or e-mail

If you can't decide what type of memorabilia is right for you or you don't have the time, we can take care of everything for your company with a few simple questions.

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Project Name

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