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A new way to Reward and Motivate your Employees

Is your company looking for new ways to motivate your employees to accomplish sales goals or reward them for successful completion of a major project?

Empire can help you design an Incentives Program to fit your company's needs.
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Don't let your employee's achievements go unnoticed.

Keep Them Motivated

Recent studies show a strong correlation between keeping employees motivated and a company's overall performance.

Empire can work in partnership with you to create a program specifically designed to help you keep your employees motivated.

These studies also show that an item perceived as valuable will leave a longer impression than a monetary reward.

What better way to accomplish this, than by using Sports or Celebrity Memorabilia which most employees will see as valuable collectibles.

A piece of memorabilia is more personal then a monetary reward, it suggests that you are in touch with your employees and their likes.

Themed Incentives Program

We can advise you in how to set up a themed program that will offer your employees rewards of increasing value as they complete defined tasks.

Your incentives program could begin when you send a sports or celebrity themed paperweight, to each employee, it would contain a letter from management explaining the criteria of the program.

Each time a predefined goal is reached, your employee would receive a new piece of memorabilia (complete with your logo).

Contact one of our corporate representatives today to find out more.
Contact us by phone (404) 550-0308 or via e-mail

Gift Certificates

Empire also offers a rewards program involving gift certificates.

This allows you to let your employees chose what types of memorabilia they would like, while still emphasizing your company's appreciation of their achievements.

All handcrafted custom framed memorabilia your employees choose, will contain your company's logo.

Your Reward

Why should your employees be the only ones to earn a piece of memorabilia?

Empire also offers rewards to you, the decision maker.

Not only can we help you build a fantastic incentives program for your company but we also reward your efforts.

Ask your representative about the Rewards for the Rewarders Program.

Contact us today

Our corporate representatives are looking forward to working with you and your company.

It's time to reward your employee's achievements with memorabilia that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Contact Empire today to discuss a program and memorabilia that is right for your company.

If you can't decide what types of memorabilia are right for you, or you don't have the time, we can take care of everything for your company with a few simple questions.

Call us today at (404) 550-0308 or e-email

Make an Impact

Does your company want to make an unforgettable impact with your employees?

By using handcrafted custom framed Sports and Celebrity Memorabilia, Empire can help you design rewards your employees will both appreciate and cherish.

Learn from the Professionals

Most successful sports figures and celebrities attribute their success to hard work, dedication and commitment to achieving their goals.

Why not reward your employees with gifts that convey the importance of their achievements, hard work, and dedication with memorabilia from the professionals who highlight these qualities.

What to Choose?

So what types of memorabilia will fit your company's needs?

Empire has access to a wide selection of memorabilia from most sports and celebrity personalities, which allows us to put together any type of item, in any style and can include your company's logo on our handcrafted custom frames at the right price for you/your company.

Our goal is to help you reward your employees while placing the emphasis on your company and it's incentives program.

We can create personally designed pieces so that your employees never forget your generosity.

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